Defending human rights

Thick smoke from the lead smelting plant spread across the village of Owino Uhuru near Mombasa in Kenya. People got sick, women miscarried and chicken died if they drank from the river.

Work for people in Kosovo

A blacksmith, dental technician or specialist in car upholstery — what is your business idea?  This question was addressed to Kosovan people by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in spring 2015 and 2016.

Support for female politicians

Prischilla Mema Mumba from Kenya pursues political issues that are important to women, such as the right to own land and water supply. “I told people that they should vote for me because I know their problems and I want to solve them.

Evidence of sexual offences

“Before we had to send the samples to Kenya or Ethiopia. Sometimes they were destroyed on their way there, and it took weeks to get the results.

Clean water for 30 years

“Nowadays everybody has access to water supplied by the Government, even people living in rural areas. Before the situation was much worse: water had to be drawn from wells.

From soldiers to beauticians

“Before I couldn’t even break stones. The course in beauty therapy taught me entrepreneurial skills, restored my confidence and helped me to open my own beauty salon.

HIV drugs for 13.6 million

“We have been able to provide HIV tests, treatment and guidance to an increasing number of children and young people,” says Bence Maziku from Tanzania. Maziku works in an AIDS service centre in Dar es Salaam that provides drugs free-of-charge to 26,000 HIV patients.

Perpetrators of violence to court

Nowadays Faith Wangiru, from Kenya, lives alone with her son and runs a little shop selling water and ice cream. She used to live with her violent husband, on whom she was financially dependent.

Transparent tax revenue

Are State funds used as planned to promote education and healthcare? Can people and companies find out how tax revenues have been used?