Creative and innovative teaching

“Before, we pupils didn’t have any opportunities to be creative or innovative, but now we are learning new things from our teacher and from our friends, families and surroundings,” explains a happy ninth-former in Nepal. Teachers in Nepalese schools used to rely on a classic textbook-oriented approach; they taught the children what was in the […]

Getting a doctoral degree

“A Master’s programme is a unique opportunity in Eritrea. I can make use of my studies in my work as a teacher, so the programme benefits both me and my college.

Money to buy a mobile phone

Does your family have enough money to buy food and clothes? What kind of a toilet do you have in your dwelling?

Responsible trekking

The dawn breaks in the village of Chisapani in Nepal. The light falls on the hiking trail leading to the village of Nagarkot.

Asphalt for 103 kilometres

Nelson Nyama, entrepreneur, is pleased because his small roadside shop has quadrupled its sales thanks to the new road that makes it easier for local people to travel. “Before, rain made travelling near impossible,” says Nyama.

Breaking the cycle of revenge

“When the other young men in my clan were collecting weapons to take revenge, I declared that we must stop killing each other. In a battle you never know who wins.

Clean, white teeth

Sugar has crept into diets even in North Korea and threatens children’s teeth. In developing countries, poor oral health can affect children’s height growth and weight.

Dipping fingers in ink

Myanmar’s first parliamentary elections in 25 years were held in November 2015. After casting their vote, millions of voters dipped their finger in ink.

Up to 160 000 passengers per day

A smooth ride and no traffic jams. New busses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, run like the underground: they have their own lane and they run on time despite traffic jams around them.

A proper signature

“We have learned how to spell our names. We are no longer ashamed.