“I am a result!”

“I am a result of Finnish development cooperation,” says Stanley Emilio from Kenya. The 28-year old Stanley now works as an aide to a Kenyan senator in Nairobi.

The school in his home village was established several years ago with Finnish and Danish support. The establishment of the school changed the life of Stanley and his family who had been living in extreme poverty. The father received training so that he could work as a teacher in the school. Stanley made rapid progress in his studies and, after primary education, he received financial assistance for completing secondary education and for taking a university degree. The hard-working young man was introduced to the family of Kenya’s former president and he now works in Nairobi as an aide to Gideon Moi, the president’s son and a Member of the Senate of Kenya.

Stanley has no doubt that it was school that transformed his life. “Finns have made me what I am today!”

Photo: Suvi Virkkunen, graphics: Juho Hiilivirta


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