More than 10 million children at school

More than ten million children started primary education. About eight million mothers received professional help in childbirth. More than five million women and children benefited from agricultural and nutritional programmes. About eight million people got access to a road built for round-the-year use. A total of 10 000 companies received loans for their investments. All this and much more was made possible by EU development cooperation in 2015.

The EU is a development cooperation superpower. More than half of all public development assistance of the world comes from the EU and its member countries. The EU has about 160 countries and a large number of organizations in different parts of the world as its development cooperation partners. Each year, the EU and its 28 member countries allocate more than 50 billion euros to development cooperation. The aim of the EU development policy and cooperation is to ensure that the internationally agreed sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030) will become a reality.

Photo: Guy Stubbs/ EU, graphics: Juho Hiilivirta


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