Creative and innovative teaching

“Before, we pupils didn’t have any opportunities to be creative or innovative, but now we are learning new things from our teacher and from our friends, families and surroundings,” explains a happy ninth-former in Nepal.

Teachers in Nepalese schools used to rely on a classic textbook-oriented approach; they taught the children what was in the textbooks. Things are different now. With Finland’s support, 800 Nepalese teachers attended extension studies in 2013–2016 and learned new working methods which they can use to support their students’ learning capabilities and develop their abilities to seek and apply information. Now, the Nepalese teacher education is based on a student-oriented approach, and the focus is on identifying children’s learning difficulties. A great transformation has been that now teachers share their experiences and learn from each other.

Finland has supported the efforts to develop Nepalese education in a number of ways. In 2011–2012, for example, Finland supported the introduction of national learning outcome assessments for eight-formers. The Ministry of Education in Nepal has since continued the practice. At present the projects Finland is supporting in Nepal include the reform of curricula and learning materials for the ninth- and tenth-formers.

Photo: Erja-Outi Heino, graphics: Juho Hiilivirta


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