Access to people with disabilities

Signs help a visually impaired man find his way to the toilet in a refugee camp. A woman using a wheelchair can go to collect water by herself because she has the necessary assistive devices.

People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable in humanitarian crises, and they are often left without the necessary information, assistance and services. In 2015 Finland supported the efforts of World Vision that helped over 20 000 people with disabilities in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda to have access to clean water and food and unimpeded access to toilets, washing facilities and school. People with disabilities in the Kyangwali camp in Uganda formed a theatre and drama group that promotes the rights and interests of people with disabilities. People with disabilities have also been involved in the decision-making concerning the camp.

Finland has also actively promoted the position of people with disabilities in international forums. A new Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action was adopted at the World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul in May 2016 to improve the position of people with disabilities in humanitarian action.  Finland played a central role in the preparation of the Charter, and contributed significantly to its adoption.

Photo: World Vision, graphics: Juho Hiilivirta



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